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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (Director's Cut) Inventory Problems

I can't get past the first section of Kaern Mordin (or whatever it's called) because when I'm supposed to get two potions (swallow and thunderbolt) they don't appear in my inventory. Plus I can't drop any items or anything because my inventory is completely borked. I've googled the problem, looked on Steam forums, etc... with no luck.

Seems like the problem began when I tried to load up an old save from my old rig. My inventory had nothing but the same herb in each slot. It was the same Steam install and no new patches. Then I tried re-installing and deleting any evidence of the old install and starting from scratch with a new game but no dice. Inventory still borked... I really want to finish this so I can get the second one but this is really frustrating. I'm about to give the fuck up...
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I had those same issues with my standard not patched international copy. Finally got things working when I found the tiny little patch of ground by the fireplace in that huge dininghall where it allowed you to meditate. Then it just kinda tutorialed it for me.

If the game didn't take so long to DL and install I'd double check a solution for you, but I've decided to just jump straight to the witcher 2.

edit edit:
Also steam has been pretty messed up since they started using cloud tech. I've had to reinstall steam 3 times this year due to corrupt data. L4D2 especially >.<
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I can't even get into the keep actually, the kid that I go in with keeps telling me to "Drink the Thunderbolt potion" before continuing. I've already un-installed. Kinda makes me want to pass on The Witcher 2 if there is such nasty show stopping bugs in the first. I dunno...
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bugs and glitches, lulz, the witcher, waaaaaaaaaaah

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