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Get Your Heart Racing as GRID Prepares for Launch

Codemasters ignites the drama of motorsport with the latest GRID trailer that premieres today. Having recently won Best Racing Game at the gamescom Awards 2019, the trailer highlights player choice, showcasing multiple car classes on some of the most challenging track and street circuits in various settings including night time and heavy rain race conditions. GRID releases on 11 October on PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X and Windows PC (DVD and via Steam).

Against the backdrop of a remixed version of The Light by Sophie and the Giants, the trailer comes to life with the Audi R8 1:1 battling wheel-to-wheel with the Honda CRX MightyMouse on the twisting point-to-point Okutama Sprint. The action cuts to traditional race circuits in Zhejiang and Brands Hatch and the first Nemesis is created as the SRT Viper GTS-R and Chevrolet Corvette C7.R trade paint as they jostle bumper-to-bumper to retain the racing line.

The trailer culminates with the Prototype class featuring the Acura DPi and Cadillac DPi-V.R racing through the streets of Shanghai at night and fades with a climatic fight to the finish. With 104 events at launch including challenges against FA Racing Esports and Fernando Alonso, players enter the GRID World Series against long-time adversaries, Ravenwest. With accessibility and choice at its core, players have access to four cities, eight circuits with over 80 racing routes. Featuring over 400 AI personalities ranging from calm to aggressive, measured to unpredictable, every race will feel unique and alive.

ďAs a team, we wanted to capture the essence of the original GRID which, in its day innovated the racing genre with best-in-class handling and the introduction of Flashback. We want to build on GRIDís legacy and create a game that focuses on three core pillars of choice & accessibility, motorsport stories and racing for glory, all of which are captured in the trailer,Ē said Chris Smith, GRID Game Director at Codemasters. ďAccessibility and Choice allows players to race their way with handling options for both the core sim racer and casual players. Secondly, itís about Glory and Prestige. We want players to feel excited no matter where they finish - whether thatís in first place or coming out on top against your arch nemesis. Lastly, itís about the unpredictable stories that happen in Motorsport; itís why we watch motorsport on TV. Itís the drama and those the key moments that get you sitting on the edge of your seat. GRID isnít about a procession of cars. Itís tight overtakes, bumper-to-bumper scrapes and competitive racing action. We want everything including the car to be able to tell a story at the end of the race through its bumps and scrapes. GRID gives players drama, excitement and unique motorsport stories in every race.Ē

For the latest GRID news go to the website and social channels on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
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This has been one of the best racing series in the last decade, IMO.

Looking forward to this.
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I dont think they quite understand what made Grid 1 and Dirt 2 the peaks of each series. They've never been able to capture the magic of those two, but I keep giving them a chance when I catch their games for free or extreme sales.
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I consider "TOCA Race Driver 2" ("DTM Race Driver 2" in Germany) on the original Xbox one of the best racing games of all time. The sheer amount of completely different car classes (I believe there were trucks as well) was impressive, and competing with 20 realistic AI drivers was extremely rare at the time... and still is today. For some reason, "GRID" didn't hold the same kind of fascination for me. I know it was the same with "DiRT" (the successor to "Colin McRae Rally") for some other people: Too flashy, too much style compared to (arguably) the same substance.

I hope this new GRID game can bring back some of that excitement, but the focus on crashes in this trailer has me worried...
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The first GRID was great. The second one was only okay. I haven't been interested in the series for a while now, but we'll see how this one goes.
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These games always seemed like they couldn't decide if they wanted to be arcade racers or sims. I can get into Burnout or GTR, had a real hard time getting into these though.
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