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New Xbox One Update Adds 1440p Resolution And A New Way To Grief Others

GameSpot has word that there's a new size for your Xboner coming.

The next big Xbox One update of 2018 is coming soon, and now Microsoft has announced what to expect from it. One of the biggest new features is support for 1440p resolution for games and media. 1440p, also known as 2560x1440, has more than 1.5 million more pixels than 1080p, sitting between 1080p and 4K. Of course, you will need a supported TV to see the benefits.

Also new in the update are new audio options. If you like to listen to music while you play games, you can now balance game audio against background music on Spotify or other services. All of this is available from within the Guide. Additionally, Xbox One now supports "spatial audio" for system sounds. Microsoft said it "completely revamped" the architecture so that if you have a surround sound system, "audio cues from your surround sound system will match the actions you see on-screen."

Additionally, the new Xbox One update adds more functionality for Mixer, Microsoft's interactive live-streaming service. In a pretty cool move, you can now virtually "share" your Xbox One controller with a viewer who is watching on Mixer.com. What this means is the viewer can take control of a game by way of an on-screen gamepad, or alternatively actually plugging in a controller to their PC. The streamer and viewer can work together to play a game, or the viewer can grief the main player which we're sure will lead to some hilarious hijinks. You can see an animated GIF of the new functionality above, as made by Microsoft.
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The input lag on the controls though for that Mixer integration. In the US, we do not have decent enough net infrastructure to pull that off smoothly...
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