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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Beta has begun

The mount&blade bannerlord closed multiplayer beta has finally begun (sign up over here for a chance to get in.) Based on the wait time for matchmaking not a lot of keys have gone out yet.

I got in and I'm quite happy with it so far. It's clear a lot of effort has gone into keeping the good parts of the first 2 M&Bs, while trying to improve where possible. There are issues of course.

The beta is only at version 0.2.1, and is rather bare in features, just 3 gamemodes on 4 maps, all though 6 factions with 7 classes each. Gamemodes are Skirmish (6 vs 6, limited respawns, kinda like the old Battle mode from warband), Captain (6 vs 6, players command a unit of bots, similar to the captain game mode from the Warband Napoleonic Wars dlc), and finally team deathmatch.

Balance is also still a problem with several classes being way too strong/weak in certain game modes.

The combat has had several small new features and various tweaks, and greatly improved animations (though far from modern top of the line still), but common complaints from warband veterans say it's too imprecise or slow. That was my first impression as well, but it has grown on me over the hours.

There are occasional bugs in the beta, but it hasn't been too bad. In 20 hours or so, I've had 2 crashes to desktop, occasional errors on loading a map that can be ignored, and the most persistent bug seems to be that matchmaking ignores your selection for which gamemode you want to do.

Overall I think it's a good foundations, and I'm looking forward to its release. Let me put it this way, after playing it I found myself wanting to play Warband again to have a more feature complete game, but 10 minutes into playing that I started missing all the little tweaks and changes from Bannerlord and I switched back to it.
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