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Seven Series Tweaks That Make A Huge Difference In Monster Hunter: World

Game Informer has posted a preview of Capcom's upcoming action game, Monster Hunter: World. The game is headed to Xbox One and PS4 in January, with a PC version to follow at a later date.

Monster Hunter: World marks a seismic shift for Capcomís series, which has gained a massive audience in Japan but hasnít quite broken through in the West. The latest entry heads to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in January (with a PC version following), and building the game with high-powered consoles in mind gives Capcom the ability to make some significant changes to the gameís core structure. Most notably, the loading times between individual zones are gone, so there arenít any pauses when exploring maps. Thatís not all thatís changing, however, as we learned during nearly 10 hours of hands-on time with the game during a visit to Capcomís Osaka offices. Here are some of the best ways that Capcom shakes things up.
Read on.
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Evil Dead
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I don't need to read the article:

1) No more shitty graphics
2) No more shitty load screens
3) No more outdoor maps being a series of linked "rooms"
4) Adding voiceovers?
5) No more stuck on an obsolete handheld
6) No more being stuck on Nintendo platforms
7) See #1
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That list, along with Monster Hunter's very popular gameplay in its niche sector, may result in this entry to the series being one of the biggest titles of the generation. Remember when GTA went from a 2D overhead game that looked like a Genesis title to a 3D, fully realized city in GTAIII? That's the potential growth we're seeing and the base title is already far more popular than GTA I,II & London ever were.
Quotes in context.*
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capcom, monster hunter: world

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