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Originally Posted by Hellstorm View Post
it wouldn't be surprising if it comes down to choosing between get a version I can take on the go or the PS4 version. MS is the odd one out again.

This. It really shines a light on how much graphics don't matter *that* much. When it comes to it, i'll take the portability option over a few extra triangles, just in case I have a flight coming up or even so i can play it in bed or in another room now and again.
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Originally Posted by EL CABONG View Post
I hope so. Nintendo needs to have more than 2 or 3 big titles a year.
Do they?

I listen to a lot of gaming podcasts and I always hear about these so-called hardcore gamers who buy dozens of games per month and never even open some of them. They start scores of games and rarely finish any. Sometimes they never even make it out of the tutorial phase.

Iím not that gamer at all. I want about 5 solid games per year and Iím happy. If Nintendo is putting out 2-3 5-Star games a year... that totally justifies the cost of admission for me. Because I look at the console landscape and 90% of it is junk, in terms of what I like to play.

I donít think the industry needs more games. There are too many games as it is. It needs better quality games and an easier way to connect those quality games to the audience that wants them.
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Originally Posted by SpectralThundr View Post
Exclusives won't sell a Switch to those that don't care about Nintendo IP. Give me a reason to want Nintendo hardware. Mario and Zelda isn't it.
Well, its already been firmly established that you don't actually want a reason to want Nintendo hardware, since you haven't paid much attention to it in two decades.

Exclusives are important...unless you're Nintendo, because they apparently only matter if you're Microsoft or Sony. It's not as if every single Switch exclusive absolutely has to come from Nintendo. If the hardware continues to sell well, we're certain to see third-party exclusives down the road.
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