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Nintendo Switch is getting Code of Princess EX and Titan Quest this week.


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Also Infinity War digital.
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Originally Posted by LilAbner View Post
Also Infinity War digital.
What the hell is “digital”. Physical movies are the only way to buy movies so you know they will be there when you want them.

Want to hear a crazy story? My 3D copy of Ready Player One didn’t come with a regular copy of the movie. $50 and you have to buy it again if you want to watch a non-3D version of the movie. It did come with a digital code, but it is for Movies Anywhere Which is an app that you can’t get anywhere.

I ended up having to go to eBay to buy a cheap regular disc out of the other bundle.
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Most Blu-ray player should allow you to set the 3D Setting to Off so you can watch the 3D film in 2D. This will not work for all movies (Disney, in particular, will check and require 3D support - this can be bypassed by using a player, such as those from OPPO, that can allow you to change the 3D Setting on the fly, so you load the film in 3D then set it to 2D when the actual film is playing) and the brightness/color balance will be off, but for the most part it is serviceable.
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weekly release list

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