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Metal Gear Survive Sales Not Addressed In Konami's New Earnings Report

Konami had a strong year financially, but GameSpot is reporting it does not know how Metal Gear Survive for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC contributed to that.

Konami launched the Metal Gear spinoff, Metal Gear Survive, back in February on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. How well has it sold? Konami isn't saying, at least not yet, but the signs aren't exactly great.

The Japanese publisher today reported earnings for its fiscal year ended March 31, and the report didn't say anything about the game's performance. The report marks the game's release as a notable event during the year, but says nothing of how well it did in the market.

Konami is of course under no obligation to share a unit sales figure--in fact, many publishers are shying away from announcing hard sales numbers these days. Still, the silence is notable given the size and stature of the Metal Gear franchise.

Not only that, but Konami went out of its way to speak positively about games like PES 2018, which the company said "continued to enjoy stable performance." The line about Metal Gear Survive only notes that the game...came out.

"As for computer and video games, a spinoff title in the Metal Gear series, Metal Gear Survive, was released...," Konami said.

Metal Gear Survive launched on February 20, and it did not make it into the Top 20 list of best-sellers during the month in the United States, according to NPD Group. In the UK, it entered the charts in the No. 6 spot, getting outsold by games far older than it. The game was quickly discounted to $20, which also is a sign that the game might not have performed so well.
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I guess they overestimated their "shoot the triangle headed shard zombie" fanbase.
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Who would have thought, players didn't like a metal gear game, that had nothing to do with metal gear.

And dildo zombies.....someone really was aiming for the hentai fan base, but missed their mark and hit themselves in the ass instead.
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Nope, nope. Not this time
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I have to admit, I am glad this game failed. The way they treated Kojima in the end was terrible. All of those years, all of that history, they threw it all away.
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Originally Posted by Sammael View Post
I have to admit, I am glad this game failed. The way they treated Kojima in the end was terrible. All of those years, all of that history, they threw it all away.
I'm glad it failed, too. As much as I love the MGS series, I never want to see another one if this is the sort of shit they'll crank out.

I'm on to Death Stranding, now.
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This one looked like a great game early on, but the beta was just terrible. It was just a crap version of Fortnite's save the world mode that felt slapped together at the last minute.
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konami, metal gear survive

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