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Old 07-18-2017, 08:12 AM   #21
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I've always hated this show, I've always hated that my friends liked this show.

I've hated it more when my friends had me sit down and "just give it a chance"

and how I laugh at this show as the "ironically" 13th *unlucky number* is a female doctor.

13 fucks I don't give, and 13 fucks that shall never be paid.

mouth breathers who are gender neutral everywhere just started drooling.

its a shame, we almost hid womens superior nature from them for all eternity ...

I mean...they would have made better streets buildings cell phones and computers if we had only given them equality sooner they could have thrown away logic and utility for feels and photo filters for selfies.

But damn it, now look at us being so silly.... pretending to give them equality by giving them a helping hand with welfare and unequal superior treatment, especially in the court system.

*laughs while living abroad*
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doctor who

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