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Originally Posted by AspectVoid View Post
The most amusing part of Deflategate is that as soon as Brady sued the NFL, it stopped being about deflated footballs. The case became about how much power the arbitrator in a CBA dispute has. The Supreme Court weighed in on this in 1991, with an 8-1 decision in the MLB Player's Association vs Garvey case.

The important part of this being that the Supreme Court says that the courts are not permitted to review the merits of the arbitrator's decision or fact finding. In otherwords, once Goodell made his decision, that decision is suppose to stand so long as he did not violate the CBA.

Basically, the NFL PA fucked itself over by giving Goodell this power. Maybe next time they should negotiate a better CBA?
Well, they've actually had a new CBA since giving the NFL commissioner that power. The teams don't want that power. That's the problem. The problem is, who else are they going to give it to, being they don't want outside entities making disciplinary decisions.

Even if the NFLPA and the NFL strike a new CBA, I don't know that anything will change, because the issue still stands that the NFLPA still probably feels like the NFL Commissioner is best suited to handle disciplinary decisions.
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Originally Posted by PatrickRes9 View Post
The Patriots basically used a shut-in who had insane skills with numbers in a giant scheme to decode teams play calls. Spygate was an ordeal because it was a BIG ordeal: http://espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/...patriots-apart . It was planned, and it's details are like something out of a conspiracy movie.

Why are the Patriots and Brady being punished so harshly for suspicious but hardly conclusive evidence that Brady may have been involved in tampering with the air pressure in footballs? They brought it on themselves, because their name has become synonymous with cheating over the last decade plus.

I'm glad there are some checks and balances there for integrity of rules, because the only thing that makes competitive sports viable is fair play.

You can point to other teams who have tried to or successfully broken rules in the past (where's that obligatory link to the page that shows that every team has tried to cheat or cheated in the past), but more recent things always weigh more. What's clear is that the Patriots have cheated in the relative recent past, people were calling them the "cheatriots" before "deflategate", Tom Brady's punishment is too steep if it were an isolated thing for the Patriots, but the Patriots in part, brought it on themselves.

Additionally, the CBA that the NFLPA and the NFL worked out GAVE the commissioner the broad power to punish players in situations like this because teams don't want the power. How do you levy a harsh penalty against someone who's involved in a domestic assault case or substance abuse violation, and then turn around and ask the player to resign with your team as an owner, a coach, a GM, or organization? Teams didn't want to be put in this situation, and they didn't want an outside party meddling with their affairs either, so they gave the power to the commissioner.

My personal belief is that if this were any other team, they probably would not have been punished so harshly. On the flip side, I believe no other NFL team has been more synonymous with cheating over recent years and the commissioner probably took that into account.

While I loathe a lot of the rule changes the commissioner has put into place, I can see why he levied a harsh penalty against Brady and the Patriots. If the teams don't want the power to punish players over misconduct, and therefore the CBA the NFLPA worked with the NFL to put into place gave the power to the commissioner, and you don't think the power should reside with the commissioner, because you somehow think he's being unfair in this case, who do you think should have that power?

As BeachGaara said: "And it was the Pats. Again."

As far as him restructuring his contract, I'm guessing that means he knew there was a good chance the overturn that Judge Berman made would be overturned again in favor of the league. Sneaky smart move by him and the Patriots. They're pretty good at the whole sneaky thing. They sneaks. They're the fucking Gollum of the NFL.
The assumption is that the Deflagegate punishment was so severe because the Spyware issue was essentially swept under the rug. The confiscated tapes were destroyed and that was pretty much the end of it. People were angry...but that was the end of it.

Goodell got the commissioner position primarily because of Robert Kraft. The way Spyware was handled was shady and Goodell was heavily criticized. Years later, another cheating issue crops up involving the Patriots and Goodell drops the friggin' hammer...almost as if he was trying to make up for it. Plus, there had been multiple issues with player misconduct, so there was a lot riding on this one decision.
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deflategate, nfl

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