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Old 10-22-2010, 08:52 AM   #1
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[360] - Explosionade Review

Explosionade Review [360]

Developed by: Mommy's Best Games
Published by: Mommy's Best Games
You pay: $1 (80 MSP) Downloadable
Release Date: Oct. 7, 2010 (NA) Adam 'pwnophobia' Cogswell

Explosionade – like lemonade, but with explosions.

Here at Evil Avatar we take our video games very seriously. We chug beer, shoot heroin (that's a lie) and find all sort of other inventive ways to keep ourselves up trying to finish a game to give you a great review. Usually, we are too busy to dabble into the Xbox Live Indie Games section but when jigsawhc introduced me to developer Mommy's Best Games and Shoot1UP I was HOOKED. Now that Mommy's Best Games has dove head first into the developing scene, Nathan Fouts (the big man behind MBG) has been producing fantastic products. Yes, Explosionade is no exception to that rule.

If you were a young guy that was caught in the middle of a world ending war what would you do? Probably cower in the corner and suck your thumb rather than stumble upon an experimental mech, right? Venturing into the sewers under the Horronym base our hero finds himself a colony of mutated and grotesque creatures. Using the experimental mech you'll plow through 40 levels of intense action fully equipped with two different type of grenades, an infinite amount of machine gun ammo and a rechargable shield that can be used in variety of ways to cause explosions. After two or three levels you'll have quickly become accustomed to utilizing grenades and then you can focus on using your shield as both a weapon and a defensive mechanism.

The shield and grenades are the heart and soul of the game. Using the shield properly you can propel yourself around the screen by bouncing off of walls and enemies. When not in use it will recharge itself so you can focus on launching grenades and machine gun ammo at anything that moves. Grenades are used to blow apart both the environment and enemies while giving you different options to best suit the situation. If you hold down the trigger long enough your grenade will turn into a sticky version that'll hold itself to a wall or enemy and detonate. Bouncing grenades, which are also determined by how long you hold the trigger, are great for making it over walls or to get more than one enemy at once. There are a fantastic number of uses for each of the weapons and the inclusion of the shield is the icing on the cake. Once I learned grenade trajectory and proper shield usage, Explosionade stopped being about surviving and more about "how quickly can I destroy everyone while making the biggest mess?" Explosionade has found that balance between "too easy" and "too hard", one that'll offer more reward for more focus.

Each level is just one room where you'll need to go from one side to the other to proceed down a pipe. Using grenades to blow away walls, you'll find gold bars scattered around each stage (and even a MBG logo for more points). Grabbing a gold bar replenishes your life and adds points to your total score, but they also provide something MUCH greater. Collect 10 gold bars and suddenly you are a God. For 30 seconds your mech gains access to unlimited bombs, so you can spam the screen exploding everything in your path. Every time you collect another gold bar you'll add more time to your rampage. When I was first going through the game I didn't know what the prompts meant when it said: "Two more to go", but as soon as I got those last two I turned into a maniac trying to spam LT as fast as I could.

Explosionade has a bit more depth than just trying to complete the 40 levels. There is the option to increase the game speed and depending on the number of enemies you kill, how fast you complete each level and how many secret items you find or gold bars you collect, you'll get more points. There is a global and local leader board that you can submit your scores to so for those who want a reason to keep playing that would be it. Even if you don't care about leader boards or getting the quickest time, Explosionade is a steal for 80 MSP. Let me leave you with this: Either you can buy a $2 bottle of Mountain Dew and enjoy it for ten minutes, or you can buy Explosionade for $1 and enjoy well over thirty minutes of non-stop explosions and guiltless fun.

  • Multiple uses for weapons including the shield.
  • More replay value than you can shake a stick at (what does that even mean?).
  • It needs to be bigger, and longer....and an XBLA title.
  • MBG still hasn't been able to release an XBLA title.
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Old 10-22-2010, 10:16 AM   #2
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nice, got a mention.

I really enjoyed Explosionade. I sequel on Xbox Live Arcade would rock. Especially if it has co-op.
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Old 10-22-2010, 10:54 AM   #3
Evil Dead
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Best dollar I've ever spent.
Yes, I realize that I spelled my own fake name wrong.
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Old 10-22-2010, 11:34 AM   #4
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I forgot to add a link to download it. Oops .
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Klassic Kragg
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Screen shots make this look like a sweet mix of R-Type and Atomic Robo Kid.

They also make it look like something I will be purchasing and downloading as soon as I get home from work today.
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Old 10-22-2010, 01:24 PM   #6
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I'll be picking this one up the next time I have 80 extra points on my XBL account. I loved Shoot1UP. Question: In this one, is there an enemy with giant breasts that are blasting away at you?
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Old 10-22-2010, 01:25 PM   #7
Punch, brothers, punch!
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Also, the new review format looks awesome. Nice work, Jim.
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explosionade, in-house content, review

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