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Guns of Icarus Online - Launch Trailer

Guns of Icarus Online is a groundbreaking multiplayer combat game that feature high-octane airship to airship combat. Players can take the role of a Captain and steer the ship in and out of combat, Gunner and shoot down enemies with a wide array of weapons, or Engineer and monitor and repair ship components to keep the ship afloat.

Choose and customize your ship weapons, equip skills, fly into the skies and duke it out.
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How to succeed at game developement:

1) make a shell of a game
2) blame being an indie developer as why your game doesn't have basic features that other games have (such as a coop campaign, which other low budget indie games actually do have, but ignore that)
3) fix your game and sell it as a brand new title
4) profit

No thanks...
The last time someone slipped viagra in my drink, I found out the hard way.
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Looks better than the last time we saw it.
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guns of icarus online, muse games, musegames

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