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Michael Bay Fanboi
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Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury may become a TV show despite being disavowed, as expected, by the White House and (unexpectedly) a slew of people who were misquoted from the left side of the isle including the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Also despite being riddled with a magnificent number of factual errors Wolff refuses to accept any accountability for worthiness despite holding onto the title of "journalist".

Finally, he admits that at least several portions of the book were derived from casual conversations, dinners, and meetings which have traditionally been explicitly "off the record" but he ignored this convention to add extra salaciousness to the book. In particularly he speaks to a section about a dinner with Roger Ailes which he decided later was too important to remain "off the record" after Roger died.

I hate watching The View but I think Cindy McCain does have a few good minutes at the beginning. Then it goes into the typical leftist View rant about what they think about Steve Bannon and Trump and blah blah blah.

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Michael Bay Fanboi
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Location: San Diego, California
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Ok, response 1! I'm catching up from about 6 pages ago.

Originally Posted by Whimbrel View Post

I'll ask a legit question. As a liberal, I feel like I don't understand the perspective of people who feel that immigration is a huge problem.
Illegal immigration is a problem. Immigration without assimilation is a problem. Immigration without contribution is a problem.

And let's be totally clear about something: these are not "undocumented citizens" they have plenty of documentation of their citizenship for their own country of origin. They are ILLEGAL aliens, or ILLEGAL immigrants. They didn't leave their ID in their other pants or something, they are criminals.

Come to America, add something to the melting pot and take something from the melting pot. Add to the economy and BE AN AMERICAN. Have as much pride in your past as you like and respect your roots but also be aware you are now living and have the opportunities in front of you available from the privilege of living in the greatest country in the world. I don't care how you feel, California is in the United States and consider yourself lucky the US didn't need any more desert land so gave back enough of North Mexico that Mexico City isn't a border town.

Don't squander that by wanting to be more like Shithole-a-stan. People think White Privilege is powerful? Try having AMERICAN PRIVILEGE. That is fucking world-class. Immigrants need to understand that value. They need to earn and cherish it.

People on the right seem to be operating from a perspective that immigrants are having a huge impact on this country and are taking jobs, money, resources, and opportunities away from US citizens.
They are. For each job an illegal immigrant takes, or each welfare dollar, or each dollar spent on an ICE salary, or LEO salary or Jail electric bill (you realize how much of our prison population is illegal immigrants) or a dollar that is paying so every school in the district can run extra classrooms which are Spanish speaking only because the kids can't be bothered to learn English. That's a dollar from my pocket. Or a dollar that isn't going to opiate abuse programs in Applicacia where the poorest of Americans, black and white, are struggling with the worst results of globalization and the "green" economy push.

all of the job she wants as opposed to thinking he can't find a job because rich people just shuttered his factory to move it to some place more profitable
You really have a hard on for painting rich people as evil. They do what they can do to make money; as much as they can. In this case the good ol' leftist policies of globalization, open borders, and green technology gave them all the ammunition they needed to grow the income equality gap to levels not seen since the days of slaves vs. kings.

Rich people made lemonade from lemons. They are going to find a different way to do it now that President Trump is backing out of a lot of the Green economy, hoping to clamp down on immigration, and bringing back a sense of nationalism in industry.

Blue collar Bob will have to survive as best he can. Will fewer illegal immigrants help him out? Probably not because if the government is doing their job right rather than finding more ways to spend their surplus money they have now from not putting it towards illegal aliens they are NOT taking it from their citizens in the first place.

I suspect there will be programs for Blue Collar Bob to take advantage of, just like there are now. Paid for by taxes, not just his but also by the tremendous amount of Employment taxes his employer pays.

My larger question would be more along the lines of given any social or economic issue in the US, do conservatives always blame the poorest and weakest as opposed to the wealthiest and most powerful? Are liberals the opposite?
The 1% aren't the ones ruining the cities and the streets. They aren't the ones importing Sharia law and doing back alley FGM in Dearborn MI. They aren't the ones running around with signs saying "Make California Mexico Again". They aren't the ones voting for Sanctuary City status so people can be released from jail and instead of being properly handed over for deportation are let free to find a gun from an LEOs car and murder an innocent girl.

Simply put the 1% aren't the ones destroying America except in the eyes of people who feel that rich people must be doing something inherently evil or unfair to have earned their wealth. Your poorest and weakest are. They're driving up the cost of living, their driving down the value of property, their consuming an amazing amount of tax dollars directly and indirectly.

Do I think some of the tricks and loopholes available to rich people on taxes and so on are bullshit? Yes, but they aren't ruining America as much as the millions and millions of dollars required in taxes to support a poor illegal immigrant population (or immigrant population at all maybe? since we can't ask in California any more). For example San Diego pays for extra language services for immigrants. The school district itself estimated fully 20% of its students don't speak English. Then the additional millions they spend in having contracts with professional psychiatrists to help students who are having problems adjusting to America and the millions they spend on ADULT outreach and services which is all laid out in their 120 Million bucks 2017 budget.

They have a huge 15 person Translation Department thanks to a state law which requires all materials be translated if 15% of any class K-12 speaks another language besides English all materials have to be duplicated in those languages as well as English.

So, in this microcosm of just the San Diego public school budget of 120 million dollars I have to wonder how much of MY ACTUAL money would be saved in this next year if enforced English for everyone who wanted to be in America and take advantage of American services.

Not just children but also adults. And these little things like translation services are duplicated at every level. From the school to the DMV to the courts... pretty much every city of any size is bound to have a large and diverse staff of translators. Not just on the off chance but on the KNOWN expectation they'll run into someone who will want to use government services on a regular basis but won't be respectful enough to learn the language.

San Diego's General Fund is something like 1.4 Billion Dollars. How many translation departments does that have to support because it's too much to ask people to be here legally and, if they are here legally, to at least speak, read, and write English well enough to operate at a minimal level with the government?

And how can you not possibility see the waste and possibility for fraud and abuse at a massive scale in this? I'd rather 100 hedge fund managers to get away and cheat their way to $10m a year than the 1,400,000 (legal?) citizens of San Diego be taken for a ride by the government.

Lastly, and this goes in a whole other direction, but gets back to my original theme of Liberals acting like idiots, Why does anybody read what President Trump tweets?
I think without Twitter Trump would not be heard. The MSM would shut him down and spin any message he or Sarah Huckabee-Sanders sent out through "normal" channels. We've seen it done time and again. Even with the simplest statements the typical outlets grab their angle and just chew it to pieces.

That said I think he sometimes does a disservice to the dignity of the office but I'd rather have heard what he had to say than have CNN decide what I'm allowed to hear the President say. Having Acosta, Rachel Maddow, or even Anderson Cooper be my filter is just as bad as relying on Milo Yiannopoulos or Alex Jones be my conduit for information these days. Since they lack all credibility where else am I suppose to get the real skinny?

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Michael Bay Fanboi
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Donald Trump rejects the Amnesty Bill proposed by Democrats in Congress... sorry I mean the "Immigration Bill" and makes sure to call out the Democrats as the responsible party as the Government is threatened with shutdown.

Thanks to Twitter the Dems are going to have to shoulder the blame for the shutdown for once as they insist on fighting for the rights of criminals over the good of real American citizens.

Without Trump talking directly through twitter the only message I'd get is how unreasonable Trump and the Republicans are being from "reliable and credible" sources like CNN, MSNBC, the NYTs, and Washington Post.

They're about as reliable as Alex "the lizard people inhabit the middle of the world" Jones of Infowars, Wikipedia's page on Gamergate, or Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury" book based half on fiction, half on hersey, and half on on "off the record" he decided shouldn't be off the record any more (common core math makes that work).
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