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see colon
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But SotC came out almost 6 years after the console first hit stores. Of course it's hard to push the envelope on hardware that old. The game launched a month before the XB360 came out.

I do agree that the PS2's success lead to the PS3's current market position. It was a combination of arrogance and design philosophy that caused the PS3 to have a slow start worldwide. I give Sony quite a bit of credit for turning the platform around, though. It could have easily been their Saturn.
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The PS2 always had a long performance tail. It's a philosophy Sony carried into the PS3. Of the three, Xbox has always been the sweet-spot technically. You can do extra optimizations on the Xbox consoles but you can't go as deep as on the PS, and the Nintendo console don't really let you get too deep at all.

The point is, Sony made their system arcane to achieve some mythical long-tail with the idea being that as companies got used to programming for the machine they'd get more power out of it as the gen progressed. While true in one sense, as SotC shows, the fact is it never got easier to do, it was always a major pain, and thus almost no one did it.

As for the PS3 being Sony's Saturn, it's basically correct. The only difference between Sega and Sony is that Sony had other product lines they could use to subsidize the console. Same with MS.

These aren't really legitimate competitors in the market, neither Sony nor MS, because neither of them have really made a profit on gaming. I think MS might be in the black overall by now, but it's not by much. Sony was in the black big time and erased all their profits since the PSx with the PS3 failure. Only Nintendo actually makes any money in gaming, and they survive on gaming almost exclusively. In fact, their handheld system kept them afloat as MS and Sony tried to buy the industry. But that still counts as gaming so I'm giving them a pass.
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