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So Ryancare is dead in the water, thank god. I have no idea why Trump though it was something that should be endorsed by him, now he looks like an idiot (which, as Scott Adams says, it at least a step up from Hitler).

Was this just like a CEO supporting his direct report even if he thought it was the wrong move? I know my boss would back me even if he thought I might be wrong. Or was this a move to make Paul Ryan look like an moron as payback for some of the bullshit he said about Trump earlier on. After all Trump really didn't do much except say "Yeah, I think this is a pretty good bill, we should vote for it." The rest of congress were the one's pushing back on it.

I have to wonder how persuasive he was when he talked to the other members of the senate when discussing voting for the bill.

Anyway, I'm glad it's toast. The only good part about Obamacare is the part about pre-existing conditions. The rest needs to go. Done and done. Repeal Obamacare. Write a one sentence bill the American HealthCare Act that says Health Insurance Companies can't ask about pre-existing conditions during application and while deciding on premiums and tada! All better.

Or something... pay me $200,000 (+bribes from special interests) and let me work from DC for 100 days a year with fully expensed housing and a full staff and I may come up with a better idea during my free airplane flights back and forth from home every weekend.
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