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Originally Posted by Mozgus View Post
I knew a snowflake would get triggered. I wasn't insulting her. I was just saying this is very typical of E3 presenters.
Clearly you can't see that you're the triggered one here.

Let me give you some more fuel: Fucking weeb.

But yea, E3 was garbage, and I didn't find her charming or attractive at all. Ironically I agree with your initial assessment, but not your calling someone who gently disagreed with you a snowflake. And your grammar is garbage. Mine too, but I don't go throwing stones in a glass weeb house with anime humping-pillow girls.

This was worth the 100 MMK that cost me to post this, then edit for maximum offence. If you take offence by what I am saying, I'm gonna pre-empt you and say you're a triggered snowflake.
There are sharks in the water, and your mangina is bleeding heavily.
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e3 2019, pure evil

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