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Old 10-26-2017, 04:22 AM   #21
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I always have had an OG Xbox hooked up because I regularly get the itch to play it. In fact I have an XB1 and 360 hooked up to my 2nd monitor right now, was playing the 360 version of San Andreas a few minutes ago. But I'm excited for this back compat, especially for Black, Ninja Gaiden Black, and even Fusion Frenzy for starters. I bought Crimson Skies around E3 when I heard it was coming; never played it back then for some reason. Also, I've been meaning to replay KOTOR 1 & 2 for awhile. This appears to be the best way to play them. I own them on Steam but they never feel right. Of course, they still need to add KOTOR 2, but I feel there's a good chance since they added part 1.

Also, I've been holding off on playing a bunch of stuff for the X. Yes, my SLI 1070's etc are better, but I like the best of both worlds. I'll get COD WW2, Wolfenstein 2, Forza 7, and (reluctantly cuz FUCK EA) Battlefront 2 for XB1X. Furthermore I've been holding off on all my console games that will be "XB1X Enhanced" until it comes out, like Injustice 2, FF15, Destiny 2 and some others.

Including Shadow of War and Assassin's Creed on PC, the next few months are about to be gaming heaven.
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Originally Posted by Evil Avatar View Post
Microsoft continues to use old software to prop up the fact that their system has zero exclusives.

I was commenting the other day that the Xbox One X is the first console in history to actually launch with ZERO titles for that system.

That way lies madness.

Agree. Don't get me wrong BC is a great feature but it in no way makes up for the total lack of exclusive content on their platform.
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Originally Posted by Juan View Post
Agree. Don't get me wrong BC is a great feature but it in no way makes up for the total lack of exclusive content on their platform.
At this point, I'd much rather buy a console that will allow me to play the majority of an entire library, as opposed to one that forces me to re-purchase my library with each new generation, rely entirely on remasters...or not be able to play the games at all.

The PS4 has some nice exclusives...but the lion's share of titles out there are multiplatform at this point. While the OG Xbox backwards compatibility is more of a novelty, their overall BC plan moving forward is much more valuable to me.
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I own an Xbox One due in a large part to the BC. I have over 100 games that work great on the XB1 via BC. I love not having to repurchase games I already own.
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xbox, xbox one

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