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Old 10-02-2017, 09:00 AM   #1
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Jessica Jones Season 2 Poster

We know the the second season began shooting back in April this year, straight after shooting wrapped on The Defenders in March. Prior to that, star Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones) indicated that season 2 would be filming ‘back-to-back’ with Netflix’s big Marvel team-up.

We also know that filming for the new season concluded on September 14, 2017, which seems to suggest production is still on track.

Other than that, we know the series will hit Netflix worldwide in 4K and HDR, but we don’t have a definite release date, however, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos indicated in July 2016 that season 2 wouldn’t be released until 2018. Again, there’s no concrete release date, but at least we know Jones is likely to return next year – though, that could still change.
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Liked her character way better in the Defenders than in Jessica Jones, so much less angst and more drive for justice.
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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
Liked her character way better in the Defenders than in Jessica Jones, so much less angst and more drive for justice.
Really? I felt all her dialogue was just one liner bantering and some oh hey some superhero actiony stuff. Then again her whole she's super strong shit.

She used her powers more in the defenders than she did in the entirety of the show that was just about her. Hell it's not like she even did any interesting detective shit either and the sole focus that everyone was so big on was JESSICA JONES IS A GREAT EXAMPLE OF GAS LIGHTNING.

Seriously folks. Manipulation happens in every relationship. You make your S.O. mad you buy her flowers.
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Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.
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Might actually watch this now that the 'rape' angle has been and gone. That's a horrible subject that I just don't like so stay away from it. Liked her in Defenders (Not that a great deal happened in that).

Really liked Inhumans.
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Daredevil was great. The Punisher episodes were the best. But I fast forwarded through whole episodes of Iron Fist and find myself doing the same with Defenders. The "hand" is tired.

Have the Netflix Marvel producers lost their mojo?
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Originally Posted by Demo_Boy View Post
The "hand" is tired.
Switch hands?
Why would Republicans pass such a terrible tax law? lol...

Giving people more of their own money...WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? :D
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jessica jones, marvel, netflix

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