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sai tyrus
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Pure Evil - The Last Wish is a great read for Witcher fans #Witcher3 #WildHunt

Ever wonder how Geralt met Dandelion? Or Yennifer? Or how he was earned the title, the Butcher of Blaviken? The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski tells all of those tales, and makes it fun to boot. Fans of the games will find themselves in for a treat as CD Projekt RED did great service to the books. I immediately went into the first novel and felt right at home as the developers certainly captured the feel of the world and characters.

The Last Wish is fun in that it's more of a series of interconnecting short stories chronicling Geralt's life as a Witcher. He wanders about the land meeting peasants and nobleman alike, willing to help them with their monster problems - for a fee, of course.

What I liked most about the novel is that we really get a sense of Geralt and his inner workings. Geralt is the world-weary monster hunter you know and love, but in a few instances, we see why he has his code and tries to be neutral as intervening in the affairs of others often has unforeseen (and tragic) consequences.

Despite that, Geralt is good at heart and often finds himself trying to do the right thing. But in the world of the Witcher, things aren't necessarily black and white. Coming in at 384 pages, I found this one to be a quick, engaging read. Do yourself a favor and check it out. I'll also be adding this to our recommended sci-fi/fantasy as this is a good one!
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I agree it's a great book, I read it with much fun and anticipation.
Waiting to get the next one, nice going Evil.
MemTest86, each of you should do it :)
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the witcher, the witcher 3, wild hunt

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