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Old 03-06-2019, 09:48 PM   #21
Michael Bay Fanboi
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Originally Posted by Evil Avatar View Post
He wrote two GoT novella's since the last book came out. They were both great.
You talking about the tripe Dunk and Egg hedge knight shit? You really consider those adequate placeholders and up to par with the first 3 SoFaI books? WTF, I thought you were an author? His work ethic and lack of consistency and quality should bother the shit out of you!!

GRRM needs to spend less time worrying about how the Hugos and Nebulas are being "corrupted" by the Sad Puppies slates and how actual fans breaking up the elitist voting blocs requires him to lobby for a whole NEW award for the "real" authors and get back to his fucking job. Which isn't flying around to conventions or being onsite at filming a series that has long since departed his fucking books.

I swear to god if he does manage to release more books for GoT and they are more than 80% similar to HBO's script the writers of the show had better get a share of his fucking royalties because I would question if they were his ideas or theirs.
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Old 03-07-2019, 08:34 AM   #22
Chief Smash
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I don't think he really wants to finish at this point. He basically hit the lottery and he wants to do what he wants to do with his gobs of cash and whatever time he has left on the planet. I don't blame him 100% but then again, he does ride on on his high horse with regards to the subject of writing so I sort of do blame him at the same time.
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game of thrones

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