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Netflix Announces Anime He-Man Series from Director Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith surprised audiences at Sunday’s annual Power-Con convention by announcing a new anime “He-Man” series for Netflix.

The new series, titled “Masters of the Universe: Revelation,” will take place in the Mattel toy inspired world and will focus on some of the unresolved storylines of the classic ‘80s show. Smith will serve as showrunner and executive producer.

“I’m Eternia-ly grateful to Mattel TV and Netflix for entrusting me with not only the secrets of Grayskull, but also their entire Universe,” Smith said. “In ‘Revelation,’ we pick up right where the classic era left off to tell an epic tale of what may be the final battle between He-Man and Skeletor! Brought to life with the most metal character designs Powerhouse Animation can contain in the frame, this is the Masters of the Universe story you always wanted to see as a kid!”

Mattel Television is producing alongside executive producer Rob David, the vice president of Mattel TV and author of “He-Man: the Eternity War.” Writers include Eric Carrasco (“Supergirl”), Tim Sheridan (“Reign of the Supermen”), Diya Mishra (“Magic the Gathering”) and Marc Bernardin (“Alphas”). “Castlevania’s” Powerhouse Animation will oversee animation for the series.

“’Masters of the Universe’ has been a cultural phenomenon for generations, inspiring fans to discover their own power within,” David said. “Fans of this franchise have been waiting for the continuation of these characters, and Kevin Smith, as a ‘Masters’ superfan himself, is the perfect champion and partner to expand the canon through a dynamic animated series on Netflix.”
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I really, really, REALLY liked the Thundercats cartoon that appeared around 2011. Then it was cancelled.

I also (kind of) liked the odd Transformers cartoon-thing (Combiner Wars, etc) that appeared the other year.

Hopefully this will also be great. You just never know.
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By the power of Grey Skull
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Chief Smash
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The MOTU series was probably a top 3 toyline for me as a kid and I loved some of the early comics that came with the figures. But even though I watched the series, I really didn't like it all that much in comparison to the early mini-comics. I'm curious to see what kind of tone they go with for this show.
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They should called it He-Man again just for shits and giggles.

The cry at the sky types would go WILD! "It should be called "(S)He-Person(IT)"!!!
Proud to be perma-banned 5 times on NeoGAF.
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Kevin Smith has not done anything good in a long time. Anybody watch yogahosers on Netflix? I like he-man. I would be more pumped for this if KS was not making this. KS is not a bad podcaster and has made good stuff in the past. His movies have been shit for awhile so my expectations are pretty low.
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Pretty sure this will end up like the She-Ra show.

Which, other than giving the lovely Karen Fukuhara an actual speaking role, is pretty worthless.
Originally Posted by lockwoodx View Post
This is EvAv man, the Mos Eisley of gaming sites.
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wasn't it supposed to *not* focus on he-man?
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Originally Posted by EL CABONG View Post
Kevin Smith has not done anything good in a long time...expectations are pretty low.
I very much agree.
People treat KS like he's their cool semi-retar..err, kind of slow best friend who got a job at Safeway and got promoted after six months so now he can stock things.

The dude's opinions aren't interesting, his fashion sense is fucking insulting, those Hockey Robes and Denim Tent Pants would even be shit on at a Juggalo wedding.

Clerks was a one off and he handled it well. He didn't get all coked out and start punching hookers (that we know of). Rather, he doubled down and just wrote a LOT. I can respect that.

But just because Corky can ride a bike doesn't mean he deserves a trophy.

I forgot what I was talking about.
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Kevin Smith did a few good indie movies which became great cult favorites with some good dialog and seriously quote-able lines and then fumbled when handed anything mainstream with a big budget.

He became a big pot-head, like huge but he apparently couldn't manage it as well as someone like Joe Rogan and just got fat and lazy and his projects suffered for it.

He'd make a solid best friend for any geek and he lucked into knowing Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as they skyrocketed to fame. It helped keep him relevant beyond his time and because he can write some snappy dialog people keep giving him chances.

If this turns into something better than Young Adult bullshit I'll watch it. If it's just Saturday Morning Cartoons I'll pass.
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