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Old 05-23-2018, 09:47 PM   #1581
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Pressing their luck after barely quelling a revolt and flight from some of the biggest tax and profit generating businesses in the Pacific Northwest the Seattle City Council has decided to announce in increase of property taxes to go on the ballot this November.

On top of a 17% premium on their property taxes since 2014 and effectively raising 58 million dollars making preschool free for nearly 1000 families (not children, families).

The NEW levey will actually bundle two taxes that are supposed to expire which currently cost each taxpayer a minimum of $250 a year and would be, in part, used to further fund low income education and also to provide free community college.

Some people are starting to see a problem...

“It’s not just homelessness. It's the bike lanes and budget overruns, the Bertha tunnel, and the overruns on that, the First Ave streetcar and overruns on that,” Seattle resident Matt Dubin said. Dubin is a local attorney now running to become a state lawmaker this year. He says he is upset over city leaders squeezing out the middle class. “It’s making it impossible for the middle class to live in Seattle. If we keep going down this road nobody will be able to live in Seattle except for the very rich and the homeless,” Dubin said.
But members of the city council aren't worried. They know voters have a short term memory:

“It’s May; this is proposed to be on the ballot in November and a lot can change between now and November,” Johnson said.

What do you mean a lot can change?

“The angst and anger you guys are talking about today, May 21st, may not necessarily be the same as it is today in November,” Johnson said.
Go go gadget Seattle!

But down south of Seattle in Tacoma as their leaders ears have been perked up as they float plans to offer businesses a $275 tax CREDIT for new jobs created in Pierce county. What do you think Amazon/Starbucks/Microsoft/etc? How much is it worth to you to deal with the Odor of Tacoma and get some sweet, sweet kickbacks instead of hassled by someone who things stealing is a part of being "inclusive"?

Here's the laughable statement from Seattle's mayor after signing this travesty:
“I fundamentally believe that we must continue to come together to listen to one another to address these significant challenges," Durkan's statement Wednesday reads. "I understand there are very strong passions and genuine policy differences between neighbors, businesses, community leaders and people across our City on how to best address this crisis, but I know we can be a City that continues to invent the future and come together to build a more affordable, inclusive, and just future for all who call this great City home."
Yes, they sure came together and listened really hard. And didn't hear anything except the sound of Amazon backing off on 90% of their expansion plans in this area...
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Evil Dead
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It's not progressive ideas that are the problem! It's the everyday idiots who don't go all in on the progressive idiocy they're being subjected to that are the problem!

Meanwhile in the reality-based world, blacks and Hispanics are looking at historically low unemployment levels and, compared with Obama or any other administration, are experiencing a renaissance economically.

If even ten percent of blacks figured this shit out and left the Dumbocrat plantation, the Dems wouldn't win another election for decades. Vote for folks who talk shit and do nothing for you for decades, or vote for real world change and improvements from Republicans.
Why would Republicans pass such a terrible tax law? lol...

Giving people more of their own money...WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? :D
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It is my goal for blacks and mexicans to all have jobs, while white middle america kills itself with pills and meth due to its culture being destroyed.

.t Terran

Please, cuck harder, cuk.
Nintendo: A guiding light in a sea of video game degeneracy
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