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Old 03-14-2019, 02:18 PM   #81
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U.S. Navy Avionics Tech checking in here (full disclosure: Big Chicken Dinner); worked NAS Norfolk flight line 96-98. We had bitches running birds as diversity hires; most sucked or, worse, put people in danger. Not because they were bitches but because they were diversity hires.

I got no problem working with a male/female/alien/trans/cat/dog that can work a job proper; what I have a problem with is putting them there because some bureaucrat needs to see equality.

Equality of opportunity is a good thing but trying to equalize outcome is pure evil; let the candidate stand on their own merit.
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Originally Posted by RAV View Post
And as things progress on that front, you see society renegotiate what makes sense. That takes a bit to get used to. But it never was about men hating their women.
Wish I could thumbs up this. And it's also important to recognize that it is mostly those in power, mainly White Men, who are the ones often doing that negotiation to push society forward; not just for Women but for all minorities.

When you watch a movie like Glory, The Butler, Freedom Writers, Selma, 42, or Hidden Figures and others it is inspiring (to me anyway) to see not only how great the character, dignity, and contributions of the people fighting the struggle but also how the people who could have looked the other way instead participated and showed the better nature of humankind, sometimes to a fatal degree.

And the leadership who is condemned for their inflexibility and evil, aka "The Man", is usually also the very leadership which enables the massive changes, and many times are crucial advocates for said change.
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Old 03-14-2019, 05:03 PM   #83
Evil Dead
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Originally Posted by RAV View Post
Men are also not just mean to women, they are mean among themselves even more, like women also are. because it is expected that you prove yourself first, before you are given any respect. You earn that through dealing with hardship, not complaining about it.
Yeah, this is something I was going to comment on, but did not in my original response. Busting someone's balls is natural to men. Can't do something well? You will be called out on it and humiliated for it. All of us has experienced or were part of the moment where you moved in on the baseball diamond because of a weak hitter.
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Old 03-14-2019, 11:50 PM   #84
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Originally Posted by LostToys View Post
Her powerset is still to be determined. Sure, she is shown as being super strong by the end of the movie, but we really have no other reference point to determine what that level actually is since this is the first time we have seen Kree/Skrull in the MCU (outside of Ronin from Guardians of the Galaxy). But, yes, she is definitely being setup to be above anything else we have seen in the MCU, at least on the heroes side of things.
Well, duh. She is the equivalent of Superman. Because Marvel does NOT have a Superman character. (Thor is not like Superman he is like Green Lantern.)
Proud to be perma-banned 5 times on NeoGAF.
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Old 03-15-2019, 03:36 AM   #85
Evil Dead
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Mar-vell was definitely designed to be Superman-tier, but I don't know if they are going to go that far with Captain Marvel in the MCU. But we will have to see what happens in End Game.
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