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Metal of Honor: Spaceman Spiff, Young Dragon Age and The Sims: All Grown Up.... SO NEW!
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Originally Posted by gawaintheblind View Post
ha ha! you got me, Bean! I was trying to be funny, but you definitely showed me what the fuck was up.
Haha.. laughed pretty good at this post.
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Originally Posted by bean19 View Post
Here are the new IPs since 2008 (the last 5 years) from Electronic Arts. This excludes ANY pre-existing IP so movie games and spin-offs of game IPs like Battlefield Heroes are also not included. These are the only pure new IPs in EA's recent history. For brevity's sake, I've also excluded a handful of vaporware handheld/browser/cellphone titles (any hits on handhelds will be included but "Fantasy Safari" and "Road Trippin'" titles will be skipped).

Mass Effect (the first one was 2008)
Army of Two
Boom Blox
Rock Band
Dead Space

Grand Slam Tennis
Dragon Age
The Saboteur

Mirror's Edge

Spare Parts
The Fancy Pants Adventures
Gatling Gears
Star Wars: The Old Republic (KOTOR existed already, but counting it due to MASSIVE change in the game's scope).

NFL Blitz
Kingdoms of Amalur
Syndicate (revival of ancient PC title, so not a completely new IP but still a risk.)

Titanfall (not yet released)


Analysis: It's not so much that Electronic Arts is opposed to taking risks as that they focus heavily on their existing game studios instead of acquiring new ones. If you have a group that makes mega-hits like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, The Sims, and Battlefield 3, you don't put them to work on new projects. At the same time, Electronic Arts doesn't seem to feel any need to grow by taking risks by acquiring additional development studios. They have their stable of AAA studios and some cheap ancillary appendages that make cheap vapor-ware browser/cellphone/handheld trash for easy money. That's all they seem interested in, and maybe that's okay. They are already the biggest publisher in gaming and often are so big that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, so I think this works.
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