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That's pretty damn funny.
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Originally Posted by Chimpbot View Post
To be fair, there was at least one other story aside from Dark Forces that detailed how the Rebels stole the plans. There were at least two other characters - Rianna Saren and Keyan Farlander - who had their own stories involving theft of the plans. This was reconciled with the notion that each stole a part of the plans.

Ultimately,the version seen in Rogue One is more concise and sensible. I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't like to see Kyle Katarn show up in some capacity, though. It'd be nice to see him as a Jedi, if nothing else.

I just hope we can see Shadows of the Empire and Dash Rendar in some capacity.
As someone who really didn't like the Timothy Zahn novels, Shadows Of The Empire was the first expanded content featuring the main characters that I really liked. It seemed to fit and the characterizations felt authentic to the films. I felt like Zahn's novels never did.
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