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Meet the Modder Fixing Aliens Colonial Marines

2013's Aliens: Colonial Marines is one of the most memorable gaming disappointments we've ever seen. After witnessing a gorgeous, atmospheric engine showcase back in 2011, fans of the series were hungrily awaiting a true sequel to the iconic 1986 film. But then, in February 2013, Aliens Colonial Marines came out and the horror of its truth became reality. Gearbox's first-person shooter was an infestation worthy of being nuked from orbit. The AI was broken, the gunplay was unreliable, and the "perfect organism" - the Aliens themselves - couldn't even run at the player properly.

Meanwhile, down under, Australian modder James 'TemplarGFX' Dickinson wasn't playing Colonial Marines. He bought it, downloaded it and installed it, but he wasn't playing it. In James' eyes, playing comes second to modding. As he tells me numerous times over the course of our conversations, he doesn't play games, he mods them.

So, James set about tinkering with Aliens Colonial Marines' secrets while others, such as myself, were busy being angry. James was content with doing what he loved most - tweaking, fixing and improving - and, over five years later, he's still doing it to Gearbox's failed FPS.

Such a fun idea! Some day I would like us to get the game Gearbox faked in their E3 demos. It will happen sooner or later, Aliens are just too popular to sit on the shelf forever.
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Uhhh... who cares? Did everyone forget the much better Alien: Isolation was released after this to make us forget this travesty?
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Originally Posted by ElektroDragon View Post
Uhhh... who cares? Did everyone forget the much better Alien: Isolation was released after this to make us forget this travesty?
They're totally different types of games, though. Isolation is a survival-horror, while Colonial Marines was more of a typical FPS. Aside from sharing the same perspective, the games are quite different.

If I want to play an FPS, I'll reach for Isolation precisely 0% of the time.
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aliens colonial marines

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