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Star Citizen Dev Responds To Crytek Lawsuit, Says It Makes "Scandalous" Claims

GameSpot has the story.

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games has responded to the lawsuit brought against it by German developer and publisher Crytek. The company filed its suit last month with breach of contract and copyright infringement claims, principally over the game's use of Crytek's CryEngine. At the time, CIG said the claims were meritless, and now the studio has responded further with its own official filing in which it seeks to have the suit dismissed.

A motion filed recently and spotted by GI.biz begins by saying, "This action never should have been filed." It goes on to claim that Crytek's lawsuit "sacrifices legal sufficiency for loud publicity."

At the heart of the lawsuit is Crytek's claim that its agreement with CIG over the use of the CryEngine only covered Star Citizen and not Squadron 42, which Crytek says it believes is a completely separate game. In its response, CIG submitted a copy of its license agreement with Crytek that shows clearly that the company had a deal with Crytek that covered Star Citizen and its "related space fighter game," Squadron 42. Weirdly, the agreement refers to Star Citizen as "Space Citizen."

CIG's agreement with Crytek also says that Crytek gave CIG a global license to "exclusively embed CryEngine in the game." CIG claims that Crytek's interpretation of this line in particular is "tortured."

"Crytek contorts the word 'exclusively' to argue that the word means that CIG somehow is required to use the Engine in the game," CIG said. "The plain language of the GLA where the grant of rights to CIG appears, plus the well established concept of an exclusive license, instead establish that the word 'exclusively' simply means that CIG's right to use the Engine in the game is exclusive to CIG and Crytek may not give that right to anyone else."

Part of what appears to be angering Crytek is that CIG switched game engines from CryEngine to Amazon's Lumberyard back in 2016.
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The fact Crytek lied on more than 2-3 thing is a reason for dismissal ...

They claim the lawyer was in conflict of interest because he used to work for them... but the little shits hide that they singed a waver that they do not have a problem with it ...

The CLA states both "games" single (squardon 42) and multiplayer (star citizen) but crytek claimed that they never gave them the "right" to use the engine for both "games" ...

Also the outside studio that was making the FPS maps did not get the Crytek engine from CIG but from Crytek if they bother to check ...

I bet 5$ that was an attempt for extra cash before they go under... or the want more money from Amazon to stop harassing their clients ...
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btw they also sued the RSI (the fictional in-game Company) LOL

CIG is the real one


I want an ingame Courtroom with In-game Space layers xD
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My guess, is that since Crytek has been going down the tubes for a while now, and their leadership practice shady tactics (even according to former employees), they're doing all they can to secure some funds.


TL;DR: Fuck Crytek.
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chris roberts, cloud imperium, crytek, star citizen

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