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Originally Posted by Terran View Post
Comedy gold there. Read them! You won't regret it!

"Congratulations, EA. You have earned one point. More points can be earned in 24 hours. Additional points can be purchased for $4.99 each. This is to give EA a sense of pride and accomplishment."

lololololol, genius.
I usually roll my eyes are review bombing, because it's typically just a collective temper tantrum...but, I saw that particular review and it is quite clever.
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Mad Max RW
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In saying that they will try and strike a balance for those seeking an "accelerated experience," EA appears to be suggesting that Battlefront 2 will eventually return to offering the opportunity for players to spend money on accelerators—industry jargon for gameplay boosts that can be purchased with real money.
It's coming back for sure.
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Old 11-17-2017, 09:52 AM   #23
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So I buy a game and then I have to buy more things to have the complete game I already thought I bought? Nice.

At one time they had things called expansion packs. Now, they just neuter what they already developed.
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Old 11-17-2017, 10:04 AM   #24
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Originally Posted by BadIronTree View Post
They did an AMA in Reddit LOL
The entire backlash around this game is centered around Reddit. Reddit were the ones who pushed the twitter angle about gambling, who reported it to belgian authorities, who got it to the attention of the bigger new sites like CNN and of course Disney itself. EA has the most downvoted post on Reddit by an order of magnitude or something ridiculous like that. Then they did that AMA, cherry picking which questions to answer to with corporate speak, and the backlash was insane. In the course of a day the whole "pride and accomplishment" thing became a meme and started popping up everywhere on reddit. As someone who hasn't bought EA games in years due to their corporate policies, it was quite fun watching this blow up. Now lets see how hard this game fails and if it will actually change anything regarding microtransactions or will it be just a stop gap as this game crashes and burns but the EA machine keeps ticking to try again next time.
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Mad Max RW
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Reading from employees of Target, Walmart and Gamestop and other stores around the US they are barely moving units if any at all. These same stores were swamped with the demand for COD WW2 weeks ago.

DICE is fucked.
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Originally Posted by Mad Max RW View Post
DICE is fucked.

I said it months ago. The Star Wars franchise is going to do them in. Never mind the transactions. Star Wars games are mainstream but still pretty damed niche. I've never bought one. If they would asked me i would have told them to not make this a AAA game, do it on the cheap. Disney is involved in this somehow. EA isn't that stupid, as they?
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star wars battlefront ii

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