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LucasFilm Honors Hero Riley Howell in the Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary.

With some of the negative news surrounding Rise of Skywalker, there is some bittersweet news about Riley Howell, a massive Star Wars fan who was killed during the UNC Charlotte shooting earlier this year:

Since dying in the UNC Charlotte shooting while thwarting a gunmanís attempts to kill more classmates last April, Riley Howell has been heralded by friends, family, the UNCC community, the media ó pretty much anyone aware of his exploits ó as a hero.

Now, nearly eight months later, Howell can officially add another title to his legacy: Jedi.

From Wikipedia:

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
As the gunman continued firing, student Riley Howell tackled him and knocked him to the floor while yelling "go, go, go!" to his classmates, according to Al-Ramadhan. Howell, whose actions gave other students time to escape the room without injury, was shot at least three times, with the final bullet, which killed him, entering his jawbone by his right ear and traveling into his brain.

According to Howell's parents, authorities told them their son had tackled the gunman so forcefully he later complained of internal injuries. The gunman subsequently told police detectives that Howell's tackling him had caused him to stop firing.
As a member of ROTC Howell was posthumously awarded the ROTC Medal for Heroism and a Purple Heart. He was buried with full military honors.

May the Force be with you Jedi Ri-Lee Howell.

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Michael Bay Fanboi
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Location: I-90 Homeless Camp, Seattle, WA
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I forgot to mention he was also awarded the Bronze Star along with the other two medals.

I also failed to add the link to the original source story so you can read it HERE.

And here's a picture of young Riley. He obviously grew into the lightsaber

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Love this story, thanks.
Originally Posted by lockwoodx View Post
This is EvAv man, the Mos Eisley of gaming sites.
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Respect. Rip.
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