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Funny how quiet the few resident liberals have been this entire 5 page thread.
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Originally Posted by SpectralThundr View Post
Funny how quiet the few resident liberals have been this entire 5 page thread.

Hypocrisy is a regular feature of liberalism. Besides, silence has worked for decades with Hollywood liberals, why not follow their lead, right?

The preachy leftist warriors for women have been busy assaulting them and paying them less than their male counterparts for the privilege of being raped and molested by liberals who will make it all better by...by...by...fighting the NRA and global warming, while maintaining armed security/bodyguards, living in multiple homes (carbon emissions! Unsustainable!) and flying more than a hundred regular Americans in a week! Yeah, that's the ticket! :facepalm:
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This is such an interesting trait I can only imagine appears mostly in entertainment and academia.

Most places I've worked people have reputations and the "behind their back" talk but nothing like this; it's almost all based on how they act in the scope of their professionalism. "They are a primadonna, hire them and you'd better realize they are going to build THEIR product." "That person is amazing but toxic" and stuff like that.

Nothing like stuff which exudes and blurs likes between personal and professional like you can in some other industries.
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batfleck, ben affleck, harvey weinstein, hollywood

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