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Weekend Gamer: What are you playing?

Yes, the weekend is over. Work can be crushing. What did you play this weekend?
I have 1,000s or so posts around here somewhere...
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I played the Sega Genesis and Sega CD.
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I've mainly been playing Modern Warfare on PC and Warcraft 3 Reforged. Both games are awesome as hell.
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I re-installed Elder Scrolls Online, though I didn’t get much play time this weekend. I’ve mostly been reading and playing Zombie Army 4.

I re-read Joe Hill’s Horns. Great book and the movie isn’t bad either. (It’s up on Netflix if you want to check it out.)

I watched a really low budget horror movie called After Midnight. Interesting, but not that great. It only shows the monster twice and it looks like they put a mountain of effort into making the monster suit, so no idea why they decided to show so little of it. Not really recommended.

I’ve also been watching Das Boot on Hulu. That’s an amazing series. Just super good. I love that they are so true to life, even having all the Germans speak German. I really admire them going that route. It adds so much to the show.

I also started reading Edgar Allan Poe’s The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pam of Nantucket. This novel was one of the inspirations for Moby Dick and I’ve been meaning to read it forever. The first couple of chapters are excellent though a little wordy compared to modern fiction. You forget how dumbed-down stuff like Stephen King really is (and I love King, he’s a master, but his writing is lean.).

I also finished reading Dark Horse’s At the Mountains of Madness. Amazing art and 100% accurate to the novel. You can see why it would be difficult to turn this one into a movie. If you really did the movie justice, like 50% of the movie would be monsters fighting monsters, because that’s the story. That’s what Lovecraft was writing about. The humans were really just the jumping off point, the Old One’s are the star of the book. I have the script Del Toro was going to work off of and I need to finish reading it. It had monsters in it right from the start.
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