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Free Oxenfree on GoG

Oxenfree is free on GoG for a Limited Time!

Holy crap thats a big pic!
There are sharks in the water, and your mangina is bleeding heavily.
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Hated this game. But at the price of free it’s definitely worth it.

The whole game is built on the idea of a conversation system that doesn’t work.

The idea behind the system is that everyone else in the “game” (it’s an interactive story, not a game.) is going to continue talking until you interrupt them with a selection of dialog that you can choose. But if you miss your chance in the flow of conversation, then the choices go away. This inevitably means that you are either silent and trying to hear what the other characters have to say, much of which is exposition, or else you are CONSTANTLY interrupting people before they are done talking. Either you are the most obnoxious interrupting cow on the planet, or else you miss your chance to ever contribute to the conversations.

It’s a bizarre idea The should have been cut in the makings of the game. But I suppose that without that, it’s not much of anything other than a story that plays out looking like old point and click ad entire games.
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