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PC Version of Red Dead Redemption II Rated in Oz

The possibility of an impending Red Dead Redemption 2 PC port has once again reared its head, this time thanks to a listing on the Australian Classification Board's website.

Red Dead Redemption 2's application was submitted by the IARC, an international classification system that partially automates the process of getting a rating, rather than Rockstar. On August 20, it was refused a classification, though the reason isn't listed.

There's no mention of the PC version on the website, though new versions are one of the main reasons a game would need to be classified again.
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It's coming to the Switch
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I don't care if it's on pc or not.

however, bring me undead nightmare 2.

I'd pay for a separate game, zombie animals? zombie survival mode in the west?

sign me up.
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red dead redemption 2

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