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GamingNexus EIC
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Section 8: Prejudice Interview

GamingNexus has posted an in depth interview with Brett Norton, the design director for Section 8:Prejudice. The interview covers some of the big aspects of the game as well as how they decided on pricing the game at $15

Why the decision to launch the game at such a budget price (considering the amount of content)? How much of this is a pricing experiment vs. marketing hook?
Price and distribution were considered hand-in-hand. At first, Prejudice was going to be a full retail title, but about halfway into development we started to think how releasing it as a digital-only title would allow us to hit a very large audience. Since we’re self-publishing Prejudice, we have total control over how we distribute and price it. We didn’t feel that it would be appropriate to sell the game for $60 on services like X-Box Live and PSN, given that most XBLA titles are in the sub-$20 range. It wasn’t an easy decision, but the more we considered the breadth-and-depth of the audience we could reach, the more we liked the idea.

In the end, it’s both a bit of an experiment and a marketing hook. Since nothing like this has ever been tried before, we’re not entirely sure of the outcome. All we can do is hope the outcome is a great game that lots of players get for an amazing price.
They've also posted a hands on preview of the PC version, the Xbox Live version of the game is available today.
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Old 04-20-2011, 08:10 AM   #2
Evil Dead
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Cool I will download this today
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Nice, I completely forgot this came out today. Stupid full time job, now I'm really itching to get out of here early.
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Is the PC version $15 too? >_> I love this game, been playing the first one quite a bit lately, simply great.
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section 8 prejudice

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