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sai tyrus
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Killing Floor 2 Update adds Versus MP #KillingFloor2

Via PC Gamer:

There's a scene near the end of Land of the Dead where John Leguizamo, having been bitten by a zombie, is offered a quick, clean death before his humanity slips away. “Nah,” he says. “I've always wanted to see how the other half lives.” Thanks to Revenge of the Zeds, the latest update to the multiplayer Zed-slaughtering FPS Killing Floor 2, you'll be able to do the same—without all the unpleasantness of actually becoming a near-mindless, flesh-eating creature of nightmares.

The new update makes a number of fixes and changes to the game, but the big news is the addition of the “Versus Survival” PvP mode. Instead of killing Zeds, players can now become them: Clots, Gorefasts, Bloats, Fleshpounds, and many others, each with its own unique attacks and abilities that will make them even more dangerous. The new mode supports up to six players per side, through multiple waves of attacks leading to a boss showdown.

The update also adds a new map set in a dark corner of Zed-infested Russia called The Prison, plus a pair of new weapons—the Winchester rifle and the crossbow—and new achievements, including (and I'm not making this up) “Find the Soap,” the actual nature of which I can only guess at. There's an all-new item crafting system that enables items to be broken down into materials commensurate with their rarity, and more than 70 new community workshop items shipped in new Supply Crates and USBs.
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Evil Dead
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Ok finally buckled. Was on sale on GMG handpicked myself up a copy
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sai tyrus
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It's good fun. You'll enjoy it.
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