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Old 01-19-2018, 11:11 AM   #21
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Well we are discussing Spider-Man because the persons who will be helming the film were the writer's for Spider-Man Homecoming. So discussing things we did or did not like about Spider-Man are things we may be concerned/happy about about in a Flash film.
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Originally Posted by JazGalaxy View Post
I didn’t miss any of those parts. I just don’t understand where you are connecting that with being a teenager.
This is where it shows you not reading my whole post where I say Homecoming was particularly frustrating for me because they relied upon this trope TOO GODDAM MUCH.

Watch the movie and it feels like every Peter Parker scene relies on "I'm a teenager and I have a big secret identity I can't tell anyone which now makes everything even more awkward that it normally would be since I was already an awkward geek."

The first time is like "Oh yeah, that's right. He can't tell anyone, that sucks."

The next billion awkward teenage moments he is impotent at participating in because to do so would cause him to reveal his secret identity are like "We fucking got it already, why do you keep going out of your way to point this out? YOU ARE WASTING OUR TIME."

The movie needed MAYBE 4 of these instances to setup that he's a kid and it's hard to be a kid AND spiderman and also to prime the plot enough so the girlfriend's dad could figure out Peter was Spidey. The rest were just a waste and painful.

These people are one-trick-ponies and I hate to see them do the same with Flash/Flashpoint. I'm not sure they can do it Justice.
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Originally Posted by Steve_Erhardt View Post
I think it really says something when the article is actually about the craptastic JL movie Flash, and the entire discussion thread is nothing but Spider-Man. LMAO
The Flash in that movie was terrible IMO. I can't imagine watching a whole movie with that same actor & portrayal of The Flash.

Homecoming is my favorite Marvel movie to date. I think they nailed the essence of Spiderman and the actor they chose was perfect IMO.
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