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Old 03-21-2017, 09:28 AM   #21
Evil Dead
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4 or 5 episodes in, and I'm really liking it. I wish the script were tightened up. It's pretty meandering at times.

Colleen Wing is fucking awesome. Trinity brings more of Jessica Jones' Hogarth, and she's so fun to watch. The rest of the cast does a good job.

Having fun with it, and looking forward to Defenders!
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Evil Dead
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Old 03-21-2017, 12:36 PM   #23
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Finished it last night. What started as a "Eh, not too bad" ended with some big disappointments in the story, the acting, the characters... pretty much everything. There was no climax, it just sort of went from being sort of ok to kinda sucky then back to sometimes being OK again.

The show should have never been called Iron Fist or teased there might be kung fu because it was almost devoid of both the Iron Fist and fighting. I kept waiting for the action to start or explode and was disappointed nearly every time but out of the 13 50 minute episodes it felt like they maybe had 60 minutes of action. The rest was a bunch of blah blah blah "I'm the Iron Fist but I don't know what that means!" "I am angry because I have daddy issues" blah blah blah! "I can't express myself properly!" blah blah blah "Why do we have to have all these secrets except for exposition and to fill 13 episodes when we really only have 9 or 10 worth of content?" blah blah blah.

Honestly it made me wish I was watching Luke Cage and Jessica Jones again. The individual episodes were a little better than Cage but unlike Cage the overall story was flat and while Jessica Jones had problems with her story arc at least the character had some flair. Iron Fist was just... flat of character and flat of story with the exception of Harold, Ward (FANTASTIC JOB!), and Claire (Dawson), I even put Hogarth here because it added another dimension to the character. I almost hope we get to see more of her. Connie, Bakou, Gao, Joy, Davos and the rest were merely Ok. Danny Rand did OK if the character he was supposed to play was STUPID and dumb as fuck.

And these good guys are always, always stupid. Forest Gump had more intelligence and self awareness than these knuckleheads.

Good guys can be dumb, but Danny Rand really, really takes the cake. I mean, we're talking Marilyn jumping out of the big "Happy Birthday Mr. President" cake.

By the time the show was over I was praying at least one of the bad guys would kill him to put him out of my misery and let someone with a little more common sense and balls and smarts take over Iron Fist. He's definitely going to be the weak link in the Defenders chain.

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