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Let me tell you about ugly Hungarian half-breeds. *hick*
...using emotionally-laden bold fonts.
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I was sick all weekend and so I mostly just sat in front of the console and played Red Dead when I wasn't sleeping.

I ran into that area where the horses spontaneously combust! It was hilarious.

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Originally Posted by Schling Fo View Post
Until you unlock quick-travel, and until the missions place you back at camp at their end, too much time is spent on getting from A to B. I feel like the trains/coaches costing a ton of early-game currency suggests that at some point buying game money with real money was considered.
Getting from A to B is part of the point; with so many things you can encounter along the way, traveling is supposed to be as big of a part of the game as the story missions. I've never spent a dime on fast traveling because I like the traveling.

As far as money is concerned, some of the missions will just hand you piles of money. One of 'em resulted in me being handed a gold bar that fences for $300. Personally, I don't really see where buying in-game currency was really an idea for this game.

I realize that I'm already ranting too much with this, so I'll try to wrap it up. There's an article in the most recent Hockey News about NHL '94 and how it came together as the best hockey game of all time. The makers point out that technical limitations gave them an excuse to focus exclusively on things that made the game fun to play, rather than try to make the game more realistic.
This is a pretty valid point that more developers across the board should pay attention to: Just because you can doesn't mean you should. With that being said, I appreciate most of the details they've added to the game. I'm not a huge fan of the "cores" system...but I get what they're going for and it's not too difficult to maintain.
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