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Old 03-06-2018, 08:01 AM   #1
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Battlefield 5 to feature co-op, cosmetic-only loot boxes, Rainbow Six style prone

Reports on Battlefield V's features continue to emerge as EA and DICE look to put the Star Wars: Battlefront II fiasco behind them. Word has it DICE will return to WWII this time around, with cosmetic-only loot boxes and a co-op mode. VG247 has the story.

After first revealing that Battlefield 5 will be set in WW2 last week, Venture Beat has updated its report with more details about the game.

Starting with the single-player, the game is said to have a similar structure to Battlefield 1’s campaign. In that you’ll be following different soldiers in different stories/conflicts that are all self-contained. The idea is to offer a look at the different theatres of WW2.

Katherine Kingsley, the actress who voiced multiplayer callouts in Battlefield 1, not to mention Operation mode’s historical stories, may be returning in Battlefield 5. The actress posted an Instagram update where she said she’s recording new voice lines for a game, and used the Battlefield and 2018 hashtags.

Another thing DICE will be bringing back from a previous Battlefield game is co-op support, though this is the least clear part of the report. As it stands, this mode will apparently throw players into “randomly generated Conquest missions.”

More co-op activities could be added, and DICE is reportedly aware of the calls for splitscreen support anytime a co-op mode is mentioned. DICE’s previous attempts at co-op were the horde mode-style Onslaught in Bad Company 2, available only on consoles, as well as Battlefield 3’s co-op missions.

Both were underwhelming. In fact, DICE hasn’t had bots in multiplayer – necessary for these so called co-op Conquest missions – since Battlefield 2142, despite fans asking for them at every release.

Loot boxes, another hot topic for EA, will return in Battlefield 5. The report says the plan is to only include cosmetic items in them, which will go beyond just simple weapon skins. It’s not clear what else will be included, or if that means the Premium season pass won’t be returning.

For reference, Battlefield 1 had a season pass, as well as loot boxes that doled out, mainly, weapon and vehicle skins. The report says that EA is hoping to reclaim its image after the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 debacle.
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Evil Dead
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Still enjoying Battlefield. Looking forward to this one.
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Old 03-06-2018, 08:39 AM   #3
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Fully realizing I may be in the minority. I'm pretty disappointed with the direction this franchise has gone. Battlefield 2 was the last one I really got absorbed in (maybe, to a lesser degree, BF2142). These days it feels like the underlying game is so obscured by layer after layer of bells and whistles (and carrots) that it's just not even worth it. This game sounds no different.

I think there is an opportunity for DICE to get back to their roots, trim the fat, and reboot Codename Eagle (not sure if they even own the rights). It was way ahead of its time, burdened by bugs and a lack of adequate technology to see its potential realized. But it was a fantastic concept and a harbinger of things to come.
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Evil Dead
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I really liked Battlefield 1, enough to play all 4 major add-ons, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the next one is like.

If it's set in WW2, maybe it'll be called Battlefield 1944. (already had 42 and 43)
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Old 03-06-2018, 09:18 AM   #5
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Originally Posted by Korolev View Post
I really liked Battlefield 1, enough to play all 4 major add-ons, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the next one is like.

If it's set in WW2, maybe it'll be called Battlefield 1944. (already had 42 and 43)

Well, it's set in WW2, but they can't name it BF2.

Man, they really messed up the naming scheme!
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Evil Dead
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Battlefield 2 BC 2 was fun to play. I think they had one important mechanic: the deaths were decided server side and I'm sure that when me and some guy got into fights the damage was always 100% on me and 95% on him. I believe BC2 would throw me a bone and decide the other guy was dead.

If this is true, then it helped alot.
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Old 03-07-2018, 01:26 PM   #7
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Personally I don't see any real difference between Progression & Cosmetics Loot Boxes, your still promoting gambling no matter how you slice it. Hopefully the politicians can prevent these mechanics going forward and resist the brib... err I mean lobbying.

I've got nothing but utter contempt for the executives that are knowingly peddling gambling to the vulnerable (especially minors in games aimed at them).
You want to keep the governments out of gaming but unfortunately these Executives are so out of touch with reality that it needs to be done.. because it makes them money isn't good enough, they've repeatedly shown they are morally reprehensible and don't care about anyone but themselves (don't let them fool you when they say "shareholders" that's simply to justify excessive remuneration packages and bonuses).

If your of a cynical mind BF2 was just the loss leader to justify loot boxes that are not as bad...
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battlefield 5, battlefield v, dice, ea games

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