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How Do You Do It - WTF Valve?

Valve, the largest online PC storefront of videogames, is selling child porn. Yup, that's how I'm interpreting this.

How Do You Do It is a game where you play a little girl (specifically aged 11) and use her dolls to simulate having sex with people! WTF?!??!

There are many reasons I believe this to be a possible child crime on the part of Valve by selling it, but beyond that there is also this:

1) Simulates children involved in practicing sex.
2) Allow pedo's the ability to further their mental illness.
3) The role of teaching about sex is the role of the parent's and schools (lawfully), and NOT of video game publishers and storefronts.

I came across this "game" on the main page of my store even though I have nudity specifically disabled and nudity is a game tag on this product. I wrote Valve a nasty gram demanding they remove it within 24 hours or I'm reporting this to the FBI child crimes division. I'm 100% serious about this. The fact that Valve has not chosen to conform to industry standard and link a rating system (ESRB, etc.) to their games is also horseshit. It's the current year, get with it Valve.

Oh, and just take a look at who made this game. Doesn't surprise you one bit, does it? They'll give any dumbass girl a publish, even for top-tier trash like this.

I suggest all of you flag it on Steam as child exploitation.
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