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Interview: Inside the Killzone

GameSpot spoke with Hermen Hulst from Guerrilla Games about "the design process behind Killzone 3, the franchise as a whole, and the good and bad characteristics of the video game industry."

GS: How do you respond to feedback? Are you actively looking at what fans want?

HH: It's part of our development philosophy. We listen and we listen rigorously. We browse through every review, forum post--we're very methodical that way. We list what people really, really like, and we take that and we try to push it as far as we can without changing the essence of it. On the other side, we look at the things that weren't as good. We try to take those things and really flip them over. Internally, we call it a funny name. We call it the "top and bottom-up approach." In the original Killzone, AI and multiplayer were examples of some of the worst-reviewed elements. We turned them around into some of the better-reviewed elements in Killzone 2. People thought it was a little monotonous through the first half of Killzone 2, so that's a really good example of something we took and really made sure that every level plays and looks differently. Also, within every single level, there's a lot of diversity and variety.
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I think the new method for multi-player unlockables is an improvement. In general the method for earning unlocks in KZ2 was ok but there were a few unlocks that seemed beyond me. I never unlocked the repair ability because I couldn't get the requisite number of turret kills per match. I miss the specific game types you could configure in KZ2 (like pistols only) but I can see how not having that makes matchmaking smoother.

IGN has a really interesting article on the story in Killzone. http://ps3.ign.com/articles/115/1154609p1.html
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