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Old 01-27-2012, 05:46 AM   #1
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Blacklight: Retribution - Heavy Weapons Trailer

Perfect World and Zombie Studios have released a new trailer for their first person shooter MMO, Blacklight Retribution. This trailer shows off some of the game's heavy weapons, such as the rocket launcher and air strike.
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sai tyrus
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Overall, not impressed.
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Suicidal ShiZuru
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This game has massive potential but as I've said before the incompetence of the devs ruined it. It is also a very dumbed down game with simple gun mechanics that all feel the same and bs unlockable or pay2win ammo upgrades like poison, shock and fire. The only positives are the art direction, though not really in that map, and ability to customize the look of your weapons and armor to suit your play style, slightly.

I'm waiting for the last phase of the beta to open up since it was delayed to see if they made any progress but I severely doubt it. I have the strangest feeling that Syndicate will be the same pile of mediocrity and wasted potential.
"This game raped my wife, slaughtered my son and left me for dead."
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