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DC Universe Online Interview

PC Gamer has an interview with Sony Online Entertainment's Jens Andersen, where they discuss DC Universe Online's upcoming content patch that will allow players to battle Brainiac and explore Wonder Woman's home island Themyscira.

PCG: Those hydras and architecture seem to indicate that we may be fighting on Wonder Woman’s Themiscyra. Is that where this screen is taken? If so, is it a whole new open-world zone, or just an Alert?

Jens Andersen, Creative Director: Yes, this is on Paradise Island, otherwise known as Themyscira. The situation is so dire they’re allowing men on the island to defend it, which is unheard of for the most part. The Gates of Tartarus have long been guarded by the Amazons. Suddenly they are taken by surprise as Brainiac emerges from the gates of Tartarus, having stolen the power he sought inside, and is now assaulting Themyscira from within with a surprise attack. It’s a bad situation and the Amazons are looking for help from just about anywhere to aid the, in stopping Brainaic’s Avator of Magic from escaping the Island.

PC Gamer: Braniac is fighting us directly? I always figured he was more of a “sit back and let minions take you out” sort of bad guy. What is it that finally pushes him to face us personally?

Andersen: As a comic-book cut scene explains in-game, this was actually Brainiac’s final push, but Future Lex Luthor knew it was coming—and he hid the truth from everyone, even his past self. So, as history has unfolded, it’s only now that we realize we’ve done little to divert Brainiac’s plans. Future Luthor wanted the confrontation to play out as it did in his timeline, so HE could seize victory from Brainiac at the last moment. Thankfully, Future Batman doesn’t break his promise that he will be “coming for Luthor,” and he shows up at the end to save our bacon… or does he? It’s a big cliffhanger to enjoy as we launch a new storyline surrounding these two mysterious iconics from an alternate future.
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I really enjoy DCUO (on PC). If you like the combat in God of War or Kingdoms of Amaluar and want to try a casual MMO -- DCUO is great. DCUO has blocking, rolling, and combat is combo based. So don't just hit #1 and then watch your character attack -- you actually have to perform the combos and toggle powers.

The game does have the Tank, Buffer, DPS, and Healer roles. I play a healer and to generate more Mana you actually have to do combos. The more you change up your combos the faster you regain mana. So healers are actually active in the fight instead of just watching health bars. I also play on the PC with a 360 game pad, though I know a few who prefer mouse and keyboard.

Each character gets two roles. So my character can switch between Healer and DPS. All have DPS and either healer, buffer or tank. The downside is I wear healer gear and have used my skill points to buff healing -- so while I can do decent DPS, I am much better at healing than DPS. But it is nice that I can switch roles if I am in a group or soloing.

DCUO is not as deep as WoW (it is a MMO beat'em up which just recently added crafting), but if you like DC Comics it is a lot of fun IMHO. It has a really good leveling story and all quests are voice acted (but you have no choices like in SWTOR).

They have released 9 Game Updates and 2 major DLC packages since launch last year. DLC 3 is more PvE and DLC 4 due in April probably will be PvP focused (I don't PvP much).

F2P has been kind to DCUO and their new producer seems to be a lot better than the launch producer. If you have a PS3 or PC I highly recommend trying DCUO. IMHO it is a perfect brawler beat'em if you have a group of friends that want to get online for some PvE. It has 2 man content, 4 man content and 8 man content.

I wish this interview detailed more about what would be included in DLC outside of just this cool sounding Raid. The previous 2 DLCs added new powers and the most recent one added an entire zone.

The game is far from perfect, but the new Producer really seems to be listening and has an excellent direction for the game. The patches are coming more frequently and the userbase is generally happy (though like all MMOs the hardcore get pissy if they add stuff for the casuals).

DCUO just recently added a Team Buff so if you are doing a 4 Man instance, but don't have the "perfect" team -- it will buff your team so that queued teams form faster. http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/02/01/dc...ealer-problem/

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"Future Batman?" I'll save you , George Washington.
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Agnostic Pope
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Will it make the game less buggy? By less buggy do I mean playable? (PS3 version)
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Nice PreRendered videos:
DCUO Intro video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNXe8Mw4u1A

DCUO Future Batman gets played by Luthor video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzpaPSVg44o
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brainiac, dc universe online, sony

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