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Old 02-16-2012, 12:59 PM   #1
The Voight-Kampff
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Legends of Pegasus - Teaser Trailer, Website

Novacore and Kalypso have released a teaser video and launched a new website for their upcoming 4X space strategy game, Legends of Pegasus.

Prepare for a stunning visual journey into space, as Kalypso Media has launched a new Web site for the upcoming 4X intergalactic strategy game Ė Legends of Pegasus. The new Web site features information about the upcoming game and the races that do battle within it, along with showcasing a new teaser trailer, which will give viewers a brief taste of the visuals to be featured in the game. Kalypso Media USA will release Legends of Pegasus in Q2 2012 for Windows PC with an MSRP of $39.99 USD.

Legends of Pegasus takes you to an epic journey into space and mixes real-time and turn-based strategy. Players will expand their civilization in the galaxy by colonizing new planets, building factories, laboratories and shipyards, researching new technologies and designing new spacecrafts to keep on exploring new galaxies. Battles are played real-time and decided not only by your tactical skills, but also by your strategic decisions and the design and equipment of your ships.

Legends of Pegasus offers a massive single player campaign, during which the player will discover three very different races. Multiplayer features Internet or LAN gameplay, against Human or AI opponents. If you like designing your own game yourself, numerous modding options will certainly make you all the more excited. The spectacular 3D graphics donít just bring life to marvelous planets, but also to the stunning spaceships you can freely design thanks to an intuitive building system.

Features of Legends of Pegasus:
  • 4X SF setting: eXplore! eXpand! eXploit! eXterminate!
  • Unique mix of turn-based and real-time strategy gameplay
  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Three races and twelve playable factions
  • Hundreds of technologies to research in a dynamic and extensive tech-tree
  • A living universe, filled with numerous non-player civilizations
  • Easy to learn, but difficult to master, the game can be enjoyed both by new gamers and by hardcore 4X veterans
  • An epic single player campaign
  • Multiplayer features
  • Extensive modding options
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Old 02-16-2012, 05:02 PM   #2
Dread Lord
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Are we finally going to see a game that's even worth comparing to Master of Orion 2? My excitement is maximum.
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Old 02-16-2012, 05:31 PM   #3
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Are we finally going to see something different in the 4x genre is my question. If all of these games play the same, what it the purpose of buying new ones when all I have to do is play the ones I already have and get the same experience?

Also, any game that uses opinionated buzz words in the description (ie, "Easy to learn, but difficult to master") is an immediate red flag for me. The dev/publisher can't make that statement, it has to be made by the consumer. What's next, "BE WARNED! THIS GAME IS VERY ADDICTIVE"?
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Old 02-16-2012, 06:03 PM   #4
Major Dan
Conductor Dan
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I like the idea of extensive modding options. Maybe I can make ship to ship combat mod???? That might be worth the price of admission.
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kalypso media, legends of pegasus, novacore studios

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