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Old 05-03-2012, 01:12 AM   #1
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Game of Thrones Preview

Rock, Paper Shotgun has a preview of Game of Thrones.

It is a linear game, a fixed story with only a handful of (apparently quite sizeable) side missions. At one point it was going to be something of a Skyrim-style sandbox, but the decision was apparently made that ďwe really want an impactful storyĒ as thatís more in keeping with the source material. I canít attest to which is the right decision without playing hours of it. Iíd certainly love to play something that was organically pushing and reshaping the boundaries of Westerosí ruling families domains, a sort of hybrid of Total War and STALKER: Clear Sky, but I totally appreciate that going sandbox is so often a recipe for random quantity over focused quality unless you have a monstrous budget to call upon.

The other major foundation of Martinís books and the resultant show (sexy funtimes aside) is, of course, wanton violence. GOT:TG seemed to have all the hallmarks of a hacky-slashy meathead marathon, so I was a little surprised to discover that itís actually built around tactical pause-time combat in the vein of Knights of the Old Republic or Dragon Age. To an even greater degree than those are, I think. You pause, up pops some ability menus with the fight going on in super-super-slow motion behind it, you chain together up to 3 attacks, moves, spells, potions and whatnot, including switching foes mid-fight if you wish, you resume and then it all plays out in real-time.
You can read the rest of their preview here.
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In the Game of Thrones, you either move your release date from the same week as Diablo 3, or you die.
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responses very

I think that's right!
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game of thrones

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