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The Evil Avatar Wreckfest Review!

Title: Wreckfest
Platform: PS4,Xbox One, PC
Platform Reviewed: PS4
Developer: Bugbear Games
Publisher: THQ Nordic
MSRP: $39.99
Writer: Aaron Birch

Wreckfest Review

T-bones and fender benders ahoy!

I always recall just how brilliant and unique I found PS One launch title, Destruction Derby to be. At the time I'd never played a game like it, and although looking back at it now, with its bare bones racing and limited physics, things that were enhanced greatly by the fantastic sequel and in various clones since, I've never been able to rekindle that feeling I had with the original.

Now, along comes Wreckfest, a game clearly aiming to reproduce and revive the feel of past demolition derby games, whilst doing so with modern tech that allows far more in the way of destruction and racing. Coming from the FlatOut series developer, Wreckfest already found itself in a prime position to do the sub-genre justice, and do this it has, with undoubtedly the best outing yet for demolition derby and racing.

Comprising of numerous types of event, from straightforward derby bowls, and races, to specific vehicular events such as ride-on lawnmowers and even motorised couches, there's a hefty amount of craziness present here, and it's a game that doesn't take itself too seriously. However, unlike a lot of similar titles, Wreckfest doesn't skimp on the driving model. Sure, this is arcade racing all the way, and it's certainly no sim, but it's also complex enough to demand actual skill, and although you can easily, and joyfully smash into your opponents with little punishment other than a bent fender and some scraped paintwork, it pays to actually drive well, and control your rust bucket of a ride if you want to come out on top.

Cars handle well enough, and there's a good range of vehicle types and configurations included to present a challenge as you progress through the games many events. Mastering power slides, and more unorthodox moves like using opponents to make sharp turns easier by ricocheting off them is a must, and even when in the confines of a demolition bowl, thereís room to exercise driving skill to take out foes whilst avoiding damage.

The game's damage system is great, and sees vehicles dent, crumble, and shed parts as the events go on. You can tailor the severity of damage, all the way to a realistic mode which will see you crash out after only a couple of strong hits, and as races progress, the track quickly becomes littered with engine parts, bodywork, and other junk that's been smashed off competitors.

As you progress through your career and earn money, you can acquire new vehicles, as well as new parts that you van use to customise and improve their performance. The customisations options here are many and varied, with a decent amount of visual upgrades and liveries, and although there's no custom paint job create as such, you can still come up with some striking rides. It's just a shame all that work will go out, and through the window once you hit the track...

The games career mode steps through various themed events, slowly giving you access to various types of vehicle, and the more outlandish tracks, such as one circuit that has a loop de loop in it, and there's a lot to go at here. If you'd rather just jump straight into the crazy, though, you can use the event creator tool to come up with your own ridiculous races. Fancy racing in a small car against an army of trucks, or ride a motorised couch against a cadre of combine harvesters? Go ahead, you can do what you want. It's this mode that I feel will greatly extend the game's lifespan, especially in multiplayer, as people come up with all sorts of crazy race types. It's certainly the perfect post-pub title, that's for sure.

Wreckfest is a great, off the wall racing game that comes highly recommended. It's the perfect antidote to the endless slew of realistic racing games we've had of late, and if you just want to jump in a car and have some fun, you'll find all the fun you need here.

Score: 4 out of 5

The Good
  • Great arcade racing
  • Demolition derbies are still great
  • Varied events and vehicles
The Bad
  • Customisation could be more in depth
The Ugly
  • The tracks, after a race
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I bought this one YEARS ago in steam early access, and had forgot about it. Great review, it's time to reinstall it and check it out!
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Looks solid.
Great review!!!
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